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SIGNAL 5.06.12




Event Detector 5


Event Analyzer 5.10





The current SIGNAL 5 release supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

SIGNAL Help in Windows 10: Windows 10 interferes with the SIGNAL Help file processor. This problem is fixed in SIGNAL 5.06.09 and later.

SIGNAL sound I/O in Windows 10: SIGNAL sound I/O capabilities such as playback from the graphics cursor and I/O | Play on the main menu have been tested in Windows 10 with the built-in Windows sound hardware. Sound I/O using National Instruments and Data Translation I/O boards has not been tested in Windows 10 and may not function. Please contact Engineering Design for further information.


Support has been discontinued for SIGNAL 4, which was last released in 2009.

The last Windows version supporrted by SIGNAL 4 is Windows XP. Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 require SIGNAL 5.

SIGNAL 5 is back-compatible with SIGNAL 4 command files, and with SIGNAL 3, using the built-in command file converter. See the price list for upgrade costs, and please contact Engineering Design with any questions.

SIGNAL 5 downloads

Do not install the following software or drivers with SIGNAL 4.


SIGNAL 5.06.12 (Jul 2022) is the current SIGNAL/RTS/Event Detector release. Be sure to download the SIGNAL 5 Installation Guide below. You need a SIGNAL 5 license to install this download.

Event Analyzer (Oct 2018). You need a SIGNAL 5 license to install this download.

Event Detector examples contains example command files from the Event Detector user guide.


SIGNAL security key driver (v7.5.8, Jan 2013) supports all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows 10. This can be used to upgrade your SIGNAL license or troubleshoot your SIGNAL security key. Download Upgrading Your SIGNAL License or Troubleshooting Your SIGNAL Security Key below for instructions.

NI-DAQmx driver (v9.7, May 2013) supports all National Instruments I/O devices under Windows XP/Vista/7/8. See the SIGNAL I/O Hardware Guide below for installation instructions.


Documents are in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

SIGNAL software

SIGNAL 5 Quick Start Guide (Feb 2021) provides an overview for installing SIGNAL 5 and associated modules.

SIGNAL 5 Installation Guide (Feb 2021) provides detailed installation instructions for SIGNAL 5.

SIGNAL Application Notes (Mar 2008) provide application information such as the SIGNAL sound file format and exchanging data files with MATLAB.

RTS User Guide (Jul 2014) describes the Real-Time Spectrogram (RTS) add-on to SIGNAL, which provides scrolling view and on-screen measurement and editing of unlimited-length sound files.

Event Analyzer User Guide (Oct 2018) describes the Event Analyzer module for SIGNAL, which automatically extracts, measures, and logs sound events from sound files of any length.

Experiment Maker User Guide (Mar 2016) describes the Experiment Maker module, which turns SIGNAL into a programmable, automated, real-time experiment control system for stimulus presentation and response measurement.

SIGNAL Timer System User Guide (Mar 2016) describes the SIGNAL Timer System, which provides time measurement, timing control and triggering capabilities to the Experiment Maker add-on to SIGNAL.

SIGNAL I/O installation

SIGNAL I/O Hardware Guide (July 2014) provides installation, connection, and troubleshooting instructions for SIGNAL 5 analog I/O hardware and support drivers.

NI 6062/6251 I/O Panel Guide (Mar 2010) documents the Engineering Design I/O panel for National Instruments boards. It describes the layout, construction, wiring and panel connections for the different I/O box models.

Security key

Upgrading Your SIGNAL License (April 2017) describes how to upgrade your SIGNAL license by email exchange with Engineering Design.

Troubleshooting Your SIGNAL Security Key (April 2017) describes how to troubleshoot your SIGNAL security key.

SIGNAL Security Key Exchange (May 2011) describes how to exchange your parallel port security key for a USB key.

SIGNAL Security Key Return (May 2011) provides instructions for returning security keys to Engineering Design.

Hardware & Windowstm

SIGNAL Reference Guide, Appendix B (Aug 2013) provides troubleshooting instructions for the SIGNAL security key.

SIGNAL Audio Hardware (May 2011) provides recommendations and technical background for selecting audio hardware for use with SIGNAL, including microphones, digital audio recorders and monitor speakers.

Computer Requirements (Aug 2022) describes hardware requirements and recommendations for a SIGNAL computer, including memory, disk, monitor, etc.

Operating hints

This section includes known program quirks and operating hints.

Click here for a list of operating hints for SIGNAL.


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