SIGNAL 5.06.11


1. You must plug in your SIGNAL 5 security key in order to install this file.

2. Download the file below and unzip into its own temp folder, for example, c:\sig_50611.

3. Open sig5_install.pdf, which provides detailed installation instructions and important cautions. It is important to follow these instructions.

4. Execute sig_50611_setup.exe to begin installation.

5. SIGNAL 5.06.11 will install into C:\<ProgFiles>\Engineering Design\Signal 5, where <ProgFiles> = "Program Files" on Windows XP or "Program Files (x86)" on Windows Vista and later.

6. If you are upgrading from Signal 4 or an earlier version of Signal 5, you may want to copy files that you have created in the user folders \usercom or \userdata in C:\Engineering Design\Signal 4.0 to the same folders in Signal 5.

Download SIGNAL 5.06.11