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Following are current US and international prices in US dollars. International buyers please see International terms below.

Price list effective July 27, 2020. Prices subject to change without notice.


New user costs


This section provides costs for new SIGNAL users.

See Software requirements and Hardware requirements below for important information.

Hardware prices are subject to change by manufacturer. Connect cables and panels are required to operate the boards.

Most hardware provided by Engineering Design is fully tested at Engineering Design and includes installation support. Some items (such as PCMCIA adapter board, bat detectors and ultrasonic speakers) also include a custom user guide.

SIGNAL 5 2500
RTS 5 (see Note 10) 1250
Event Detector 995
Event Analyzer 795
Experiment Maker 995
SIGNAL/RTS package
SIGNAL 5 2500
RTS 5 (see Note 10) 1250
Package discount -250
SIGNAL/RTS package 3500
Additional software licenses
See Notes below for discount schedule
USB security key
USB security key 175
Desktop analog I/O boards (16-bit)
1000 kHz in / 2000 kHz out / 8-chan in / 2-chan out [NI] (Note 1) 1645
    Cable & panel: 2-chan in / 2-chan out 745
1000 kHz in / 2000 kHz out / 8-chan in / 4-chan out [NI] (Note 1) 2195
    Cable & panel: 2-chan in / 4-chan out 1065
PCMCIA analog I/O cards (16-bit)
50 kHz/chan in / 50 kHz/chan out / 2-channel [CAC] 1645*
(contains internal tracking input and output anti-alias filters)
(includes 2-chan in / 2-chan out cable & connectors)
PCMCIA analog I/O cards (12-bit)
500 kHz in / 500 kHz out / 8-chan in / 2-chan out [NI] 2050*
    Cable & panel: 2-chan in / 2-chan out 765*
PCMCIA accessory cards
Desktop adapter card with 1 PCMCIA slot 225*
Notebook extender card with 1 PCMCIA slot 175*
Anti-alias filter instruments
1 channel, 10 Hz-50 kHz, 12 cutoffs, 0/10/20 dB amplifier 1250*
1 channel, 0.1 Hz-50 kHz, 2000 cutoffs, 0/10/20 dB amplifier 1975*
Bat detectors / ultrasonic speakers
Basic bat detector (15-160 kHz) 425*
Precision bat detector / ultrasonic microphone (20-180 kHz) 1050*
Ultrasonic amplifier/speaker (20-200 kHz) 1050*
* Approximate price. Contact Engineering Design for quote.

1. Full signal (10V) at Nyquist frequency resolves to 12 bits at 1.25 (1.00) MHz input, 2.8 (2.0) MHz output, and to 16 bits at 650 kHz input, 500 kHz output [() refers to multi-channel rate]. Measured max small-signal rate = 1.5 MHz input/output. Multi-channel crosstalk = 11 bits at 1.33 MHz.

2. Input operates at 500 kHz at all signal levels. Output operates at 200 kHz for +/-10 V signals and 500 kHz for +/-100 mV signals.

3. Software licenses are single-computer licenses, and permit operation on one computer system at a time.

4. Multiple software licenses receive a 25% discount on 2nd and additional licenses for all products except direct-to-disk I/O.

5. I/O boards provide a maximum analysis bandwidth equal to 50% of the board's sample rate.

6. Except where noted, I/O boards can sample multiple channels at a per-channel sample rate = (total sample rate) / (number of channels). Thus a 500-kHz board can acquire 2 channels at 250 kHz per channel.

7. I/O boards do not contain anti-alias filters (AAF's), except where noted. AAF's may be necessary during acquisition or playback, depending on signal bandwidth and sample rate.

8. I/O panels with 8 input channels are available by special order.

9. The PCMCIA desktop adapter card allows PCMCIA analog I/O cards to be operated in a desktop and requires one PCI slot.

10. RTS 5 provides scrolling, measurement and editing of unlimited-length sound files and can exchange measurements and signals with SIGNAL. Live scrolling sound acquisition and playback will be added to the RTS in the future.


Upgrade costs


This section provides upgrade costs for existing SIGNAL users.

SIGNAL 5 is available in several discount packages. Users with multiple SIGNAL licenses must purchase a separate upgrade for each license. See the discount schedule in the Notes below.

SIGNAL/RTS 4 to 5 upgrade package
Upgrade from SIGNAL 4 to SIGNAL 5 995
Upgrade from RTS 4 to RTS 5 495
Package discount -140
SIGNAL/RTS 4 to 5 upgrade package 1350
SIGNAL/RTS 3 to 5 upgrade package
Upgrade from SIGNAL 3 to SIGNAL 5 1250
Upgrade from RTSD to RTS 5 625
Package discount -200
SIGNAL/RTS 3 to 5 upgrade package 1675
Event Detector upgrade
Upgrade from Event Detector 3 to Event Detector 5 450
Experiment Maker
Experiment Maker 5 995
Dart I/O card upgrade
Upgrade Dart PCMCIA I/O card to Windows (see Notes) 500
Security key upgrade/replacement
This includes upgrading an old security key to USB or replacing a failed key.
Security key upgrade/replacement (see Sales Notes) 175


1. Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. A fee will be added (3% US, 5% international) to cover PayPal fees. There may be an upper limit on payment size. Contact Engineering Design for an invoice and payment instructions.

2. Package discounts apply to software purchased with one purchase order.

3. Users with multiple licenses must purchase an upgrade for each license. Multiple upgrades receive a 15% discount on 2nd and additional upgrades when purchased on the same order.

4. Users may order the SIGNAL/RTS upgrade package now to qualify for the discount, and the RTS will be provided when ready, through this website.

5. First generation (1996 or earlier) Dart PCMCIA I/O cards may require a hardware upgrade for compatibility with Windows 2000/XP. Contact Engineering Design to determine if your card requires an upgrade.

6. For security key upgrade: 1) Contact Engineering Design and request a quote. 2) International shipments will include an additional charge to cover customs paperwork. 3) Payment is by credit card via PayPal only. 4) New key will be sent via USPS or other secure means. 5) Standard turnaround is 2 weeks or sooner by arrangement.


Software requirements


SIGNAL and RTS support Windows 98, 2000, XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7. Built-in I/O support is currently available only for 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7. Contact Engineering Design re 64-bit support and support for other Windows versions.


Hardware requirements


SIGNAL and RTS run on desktop and notebook computers. The same program version is used for both platforms.

SIGNAL and RTS will run native on a Windows computer or a Macintosh with VirtualPC, Parallels or other PC emulator software.

Computer Requirements describes required and recommended Windows version, memory, disk, monitor, etc. for SIGNAL.

Data Translation DT2821-family ISA analog I/O boards provided with SIGNAL 3 are not supported by SIGNAL 4 and later because Data Translation discontinued support for Windows 98 and later.

Event Detector and Event Analyzer require no special hardware.

Experiment Maker requires National Instruments I/O boards to support all features. The 16-bit 1000 Hz / 2000 Hz desktop board shown above is highly recommended.


Terms of sale


Domestic and international buyers may purchase directly from Engineering Design. Engineering Design has no domestic or international distributors.

Domestic payment terms are net 30 days with credit approval. International payment terms are full payment in advance unless quoted otherwise. Letters of credit are not normally accepted, but are subject to a processing fee of $1000 in addition to bank LOC fees.

Payment is accepted by check or wire transfer for amounts greater than $500 US, or by PayPal for amounts less than $500 US (a PayPal fee is added). Sorry, no credit cards.

Shipping and insurance are prepaid and added to the invoice. Domestic orders are shipped FOB destination, and international orders are shipped CIF/CIP destination. International duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

California sales tax will be charged on shipments delivered to California.

International orders are payable in US dollars only. Payment by wire transfer is preferred.

A contract fee of $250 will be added to orders requiring a purchase contract instead of a purchase order.

A customs fee of $100 is added to international orders requiring paperwork other than commercial invoice, in addition to charges for any special handling required for the destination country.

See the Engineering Design Terms of Sale for complete details.